Stupidly simple static site generator.

Pēji (Japanese: ページ, "page") is simple way to generate small static site like this site.

If you need to collect several pages from the Markdown, then Pēji are great for you.


Pēji is not intended to generate a blog site. Its single pages only. You can link pages with hyper-links, but you have to do it manually.


Installation and quickstart

Install Pēji globally or into virtual environment:

pip install Peji

Create your site:

peji create mysite
cd mysite/

Create your first page and place it into mysite/pages/:


title: My first page

# My heading

It works!

Build your site:

peji build

Site will be placed in ./mysite/build.

Also you can run Python built-in HTTP Server:

python3 -m http.server --directory build/


Pēji is released under The Unlicense. See https://unlicense.org/ for detais.