reStructuredWeb (rSW, reSW or rstW) — is a highly customizable static site generator for the reStructuredText markup language.

Why another site generator?

Hundreds of static site generators have been written with varying degrees of shittyness. Here are just some of the shortcomings of existing solutions:

  • Bad customization. If the task requires something that is not provided for in regular themes, then you have to strain. Editing a theme is an adventure.

  • Some of the solutions are extremely primitive and only fit narrow cases. Others, on the contrary, are overcomplicated.

  • There are very few generators with reStructuredText support.

Why is reStructuredWeb better?

  • Small codebase. About ~300 lines in total.

  • Doesn't depend on the presentation layer. rSW just takes data from files and allows you to insert it into templates.

That's all. In fact, this is enough for a static site generator.

rSW is built on Docutils and Jinja2.